Our History

The history of the Canadian Coalition of Adult Day ServicesThe Adult Day Program Managers’ Association of Alberta (ADPMAA) was formed in 1988 to promote and enhance the role of Adult Day Support Programs in Alberta by facilitating information sharing, networking and education through identification of common goals, objectives and shared experiences at an operational level.

Their objectives of creating this Association were the following:

  • Identifying concerns and issues and generating suggestions to address these issues as they relate to Adult Day Support Programs across the province
  • Enhancing communication among the membership
  • Facilitating and participating in educational opportunities
  • Providing education to the public
  • Recognizing the function and role of the different Adult Day Support Programs in Alberta
  • Developing, maintaining and encouraging adoption of comprehensive standards/guidelines by all Adult Day Support Programs in Alberta.

After 20 years, ADPMAA reached a plateau of 44 members. It was at this time the needs of day programs had grown beyond what ADPMAA could offer and the members were losing interest. At the AGM of 2008, a new President, Vice President and Treasurer were voted into office and many meetings of the full Board generated discussion of ways in which they could breathe new life into this Association. In January 2009, a Special General Meeting was called to request the membership’s approval of exploring and preparing a proposal for the new look of ADPMAA. The vote was passed and the hard work had only just begun.

At the AGM 2009, the Board presented their proposal of a new association, one that extends the membership to include all individuals and organizations that have a vested interest in adult day services across the country. The idea behind a new association is to unite all interested voices and keep the spirit of this essential coalition alive. The proposal was accepted and the existing association (ADPMAA) dissolved so that energy could be focussed on this new venture, with the hope of introducing provincial chapters in the future. After the AGM, the afternoon was spent gathering information from the transitioned members on how to implement this proposal. Energy was high, people rejuvenated and victory felt among the Board members who had worked so hard to prepare something worthy of its long time members. The challenge was on!

The next several weeks were intense. Building by-laws, preparing documentation required for official registration of our Canadian Coalition of Adult Day Services. On December 23rd 2009 we were incorporated and received our letters patent from Industry Canada. It was time to celebrate! How exciting this was for all involved, this meant the doors were officially open to connecting with our many neighbours across this country and standing together to make a difference for the clients we serve through adult day services. There is still a long road ahead as a new Coalition and it will take time to spread the word and bring people on board however; it will be an exciting time and one that the members of CCADS will realize.