Join Our Board

TERM: 1 year

  • Submit Coalition’s Annual Return and change of address to Corporations Canada 60 days after CCADS anniversary date.
  • Liaise with all board members and delegate duties as necessary.
  • Plan, organize and preside at meetings of the Executive and at the AGM.
  • Act as ex-officio for all committees (e.g. policy/procedure).
  • Orient Vice-President to presidential responsibilities prior to end of office.
  • Be aware of the duties of other Board positions within the Coalition.
  • Ensure by-laws are current and consistent with Coalition’s position.
  • File changes and amendments of by-laws with Corporations Canada.
  • Act as signing authority for the Coalition.
  • Manage inquiries about Coalition and act as Coalition contact for any problems/concerns that arise, or refer to appropriate member.
  • To make and maintain contacts which may be of assistance to the Coalition in the furtherance of its work.
  • Call a minimum of 2 Executive meetings per year (September & March) and otherwise as necessary.
  • Following the March Executive meeting distribute suggested changes/amendments of by-laws, to all members, 45 days prior to the AGM.
  • Submit and present President Report at AGM.
  • Maintain a record of year’s business in Presidential binder and/or on disc.


  • The Vice-President shall stand in place of the President in the absence of the President, shall assume such other duties as assigned by the President or by the Board and shall chair the Nominations Committee.

Past President
TERM: 1 year

  • Provide on-going support to President throughout term of office.
  • Be aware of the duties of other Board positions within the Coalition.
  • Check with current President that all filings to Corporations Canada have been made 60 days after CCADS anniversary date.
  • As a member of the Executive direct enquiries to appropriate members.
  • Attend the Executive meetings and AGM when possible.
  • The Past President shall perform such duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Board of the Coalition.

TERM: 2 years

  • The Treasurer is responsible for the financial receipts and disbursements of the Coalition. He/She ensures accurate records, which are available to the other members of the Coalition, and is accountable to the President and the membership of the organization for his/her actions in carrying out these responsibilities.
  • Keep an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements for the Coalition.
  • Deposit funds for the Coalition as needed.
  • Act as signing officer for the Coalition. All withdrawals are to be made by cheque and no payments may be made in cash. Acquire a second signature (President or Vice-President) on all cheques paid out.
  • The Treasurer shall keep a record of all members of the Coalition and their addresses, and shall collect and receive all annual dues, and issue a receipt and membership package to the member.
  • Collect all other monies; i.e. Conference registrations.
  • Pay all accounts payable for the Coalition in a timely fashion (i.e. Conference & AGM expenses etc…).
  • Attend all Executive meetings and AGM when possible.
  • Issue quarterly financial statements to all Executive members.
  • With the help of the Executive, arrange an annual audit to be done after March 31st and prior to June 1st.
  • Present a financial review at the AGM to include year-end (March 31) financial statement; auditor’s report; proposed budget and a financial statement to date (April 1 – June).
  • At end of first year of term, immediately following AGM, make arrangements with bank to change signing authorities. If at end of 2 year of term, immediately following AGM, orientate new Treasurer and organize change of signing authorities.
  • Maintain a binder and/or disc of the year’s business to be passed on to successive Treasurers.

TERM: 2 years

  • The Secretary shall notify the membership of the various meetings and distribute minutes and other relevant material to the members of the Board.
  • The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Coalition and the Board, and keep accurate minutes of these meetings.
  • The Secretary shall assist the Treasurer with the mail out of annual membership packages as well as with the collection of current membership directory information.
  • In the absence of the Secretary, these duties shall be discharged by such Director as may be appointed by the Board of the Coalition The Secretary shall maintain a record of all correspondence of the Coalition.