How do I become a member?

Please download and fill out the Membership Application Form. Send your membership form with payment to the address listed on the form.

What is the difference between General and Affiliate membership?

The easiest way to describe this is as follows:

If you are an individual who is directly involved with an adult day service, you want a General membership. This is strictly for you and gives you your own membership profile/blog on our site as well as one vote at our Annual General Meeting and/or any special meeting that is called.

If you are an organization that is associated with an adult day service, you want an Affiliate membership. This gives your organization one membership access to our annual conference and/or annual general meeting however; you have no voting privileges or membership profile/blog on our website.

How long does my membership last?

All memberships expire on March 31st every year. An email reminder will go out to members before this expiry reminding them to renew their membership. You will see when you login on our website under the Members section a new category will appear called “My membership” this is your personal membership info/history.

How do I interact with other members?

We have created a News and Events blog and invite all members to add comments, questions and information they feel are relevant here.