CCADS October Workshop: Success!

Our second annual workshop was a total success! With thirty healthcare professionals in attendance and 3 superb presenters, the day was filled with learning and laughter!

The day started with a a presentation from Sheila Killoran, music therapist. Workshop attendees were introduced and versed in The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and taught how music therapy can help the residents and clients we work with. Each conference participant completed a “Mandella,” while listening to music that incorporated using pastels to illustrate personal feelings.

Prior to lunch, we had a vibrant and interactive session with Paula Strean in laughter yoga. Discovering the many benefits to laughter and positive thinking, Paula demonstrated how the use of laughter can compliment our daily interactions with clients and colleagues.

Lunch was an “open microphone” and many participants took a moment to share with the group an idea, joke or activity. This was well received.

Following a delicious lunch, group participants paired up and practiced techniques for giving a therapeutic hand massage. Registered massage therapist, Ann Johnsen provided guidance and feedback on how to make hand massages an uplifting and enjoyable experience. Empowering the benefits of human touch, promoting relaxation and developing trust with clients are some positive outcomes from massage therapy.

Thanks to all that participated! It was a totally positive experience. I’ve already started incorporating some of what I learned into my own day program!

– Keltie Brisson, CCADS President