CCADS Leadership Positions Available

Dear Members of the Canadian Coalition of Adult Day Services.

The Canadian Coalition of Adult Day Services CCADS) would like to inform you of the current status of our organization.

This is a valuable organization with over 90 members, a beautiful website, and quality values of Education, Networking, Communication, and Advocacy. Over the past 6 years we have worked to increase our membership and to draw awareness to the importance of Adult Day Programs in communities across Canada. We believe that our members must work together as a team not only to bring awareness of what we do, but also to ensure that our programs are supported through government funding, in this climate of possible cutbacks.

Because our current leadership’s terms are over, we have need of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. We will also have need of Directors of Education, Marketing and Communication, and Membership.

We are asking you as a CCADS member to seriously consider taking on a leadership position with our valuable organization. We feel that if these positions are not filled then we will have no choice but to dissolve CCADS. It would not be in any of our best interests if this were to happen!

If you feel you can make a difference with our organization please Email Wendy or Bonnie.

Yours in support Day Programs,
Wendy Brown,
Bonnie Ross,